Awareness and unpretentious life is what you need in order to grasp The Truth!

Free Will is your God-given right!  

It is the most beautiful gift to you and you are the one responsible for everything that occurs in your life.  Use that right to make your own decisions based on the perception of all your senses bound together!  

You are the one appointed to hold your own destiny in your hands, for better or worse.  You truly always reap what you sow.  No exceptions!  Always!  That is the indestructible law of the Universe!

And all of you who might think you could manipulate someone’s Free Will in any way, deceive someone’s perception, distort the truth and change someone’s wishes and decisions ~ are very, very wrong!  You can not!  The Light will always shine on you and you will be bare and exposed! 

Light 2

Your children are not yours!  They don’t belong to you!

The Creator has only put them temporarily in your care. They are His and you are entrusted with giving them Love, Care, Support and Guidance before they are able to live on their own.

You are not given the right to make decisions for them. 

Their self-worth and self-esteem depend on you.

Love them with a gentle heart and guide them with a steady hand!

You are never left to be on your own.  Guidance is always provided.  

Follow the Signs…. they will never misguide you; still the final outcome is up to your preference!

Gladly, willingly and with a light heart FORGIVE others, not for their sake, but for yours! 

Remember always to be PATIENT with yourself and especially with others! Your patience will be tested at all times until you master it!

The single most important matter on your odyssey to Awareness and Freedom of Soul is to liberate yourself from Fear!

Fear is dark and it’s not real! Banish it, dissolve it, send it to exile, repel it, resist it, look it in the eye and say: “I am NOT afraid of you! Be gone!”

Replace it with Love and Light!

You’ll be Free!

You’ll be Kind and Understanding!

You’ll have better and more harmonious relationships with people you care about!

You’ll have Peace of Mind!

Only Compassionate Heart can be Free!

And, only if you are Aware you will be Free!

But, how do you know if you are Aware?

Emerald Light

You do carry a beautiful Emerald Light within you.  Are you aware of it?

Go within

You will find balance and tranquility only inside you…. You will find Emerald Light there….