Awareness and unpretentious life is what you need in order to grasp The Truth!


Camera 360 Zanna V is a Love Poet and an Intuitive Writer with a fervent adoration for words! Her innate ability to translate feelings into words moves deeply her readers! She is a devoted Lightworker, Healer and an Emerald Mentor whose most important and the most gratifying purpose has been to transmit Love, Positivity and Light to all the people who appear in her life.                                                                             Having an INFJ personality type she is a genuine empath who truly grasps others’ feelings.  Zanna’s extraordinary challenging and demanding spiritual path bestowed her with a clear awareness of the human nature and an absolute need to be of help and service to all.

She lives in Indonesia and Canada and likes to call herself a Soother of the Soul!

We indeed have all our most precious possession only within us!
Zanna V


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  1. Tell me more about you and Jakarta. Love, Dakan @

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